Am I a cartoon character?

Everything slowly changes for me as time moves forward


I think as a first post this is going to be something worth reading. Or well I hope, I still can’t believe it happened, I feel like I’m a comic book character. Anyways… A lot of weird things have been happening lately. After I quit my job back in July, I have been pretty closed off from my abilities. At first it was small things, feeling people (no perve) and their energy then spirits started to bug me and my mother a lot more. A friend of mine had her wedding recently, I was a brides maid. She had me over at her house for her bach party, I got drunk and then started feeling like someone was watching me waaaaay late into the night when it was just three or four of us.

I shrugged it off being that I was drunk and shit. But after everyone went to go to bed I passed out maybe half an hour later not feeling tired at all. I wake up out of no where and see a pair of eyes floting towards me flying close to the ceiling. I flipped and sent a text to my boyfriend, freaking out on him. He ended up going to bed– I didn’t sleep until four a.m. The next day when I woke up, everyone left, so I decided to clean. My friend has these decorations hanging up on one of her archways and one of them fell right after I had just finished cleaning. The tape was fine and they stayed up for however long she had them up there for. Mind you I put up with some buuuuulllshit during those three days. I call those horrid days The Three Days Of Hell. I told my friend about the things that happened and she said the complex she’s in is haunted with mischievious spirits. It’d make sense since I wasn’t hurt or anything negative.

I think it attached itself to me, because days after I’d have shit moved around… Not that it bothers me now. Now for my most recent experience, it was maybe almost a week ago, I wanted to watch this live stream from YouTube. They’re called LiveScifi, one of the guys was doing an EVP sess while another person doing EVP’s went to the bathroom. It felt like she was in there forever and it was a weird night in general.

However, when this guy did the EVP I’d just turned off my lights and crawled into bed to build the ambience. I put my hand on my amethyst cluster, the streams screen froze in place almost immediately. But the audio was still going and I swear to god I could hear a growly – grouchy sounding voice either talking to him in the recorder. Or dare I say it, talking to me, it felt like it was talking to me directly. It was crazy, I am still thinking I’m crazy.  The screen was still frozen and it stayed that way for two minutes ’til I refreshed the entire page. Audio was still going those two minutes. After I refreshed it, went back to normal. I tried talking in the chat about it and nobody answered me. So either it never happened or the chat moved too fast. Still freaks me out, I didn’t hear the same thing on the recorder when he plaid it back.

Eventually I passed out and woke up out of a dead sleep to see eyes and a partial head looking at me through a window farthest from me. I saw it through the mirror facing me and my windows. The spirit was outside not inside I should note. All I could do at that point was say, “I see you, I see you!” it moved away from my furthest window to the window right next to me. Slowly it tapped signalling that it/he was moving closer to me. So I shut my window after I heard the last tap right next to me. I didn’t see it when it backed away but I could feel it’s presence.

Ever since last week now the streams do that to me they freeze in place for two or three seconds. It feels weird talking about this on a blog. I have countless other stories… Buuuut I don’t think I’ll be displaying old news.

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