I’m a 20 year old intuitive reader, though tarot is not conventional like say a job at Mcdonalds is… Tarot for me is my life, and I cannot choose between the two to please people. So instead of working a normal nine to five I chose my lifestyle. If for some reason this site gives you trouble in contact please contact me on Tumblr. And if that doesn’t work please email me, my email is Guggenbillermax@gmail.com. Follow my Facebook. Also, if you by some weird chance you do not have either of those sites to follow me on… Please feel free to reach me from Twitter. I’m actually an open book about myself, if you ask me I’m going to tell you.

Now for my cards: I use my cards based on your feelings. So if you get something and it isn’t particularily good, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be the same outcome. You may change your feelings on it and so it might not happen. With that in mind, I’d like you to have clear questions. You may have to explain yourself a little, only so I get the jist of the situation. If I don’t know atleast a little of what you’re going through I’ll get confused cards. (Trust me it happens to me by myself too so it’s not just you.)

I will be posting the pictures and interpretations (with permission) onto my blog. And will send it to you through email.  I have a rule, I need a freshly just taken photo of your face and your real name. I don’t need your full name just your first. Payment will be done with my paypal, I will release that when I’m contacted and have things set up with you.

The rules I have for an online reading are simple. All I ask is a picture of your face and it be a freshly just taken photo. Payment needs to be upfront. For offline readings (super simple) I just need the money before or after the reading. (Less trouble since you’re in front of me.)

The prices for my readings are:

1-5 Cards: $5.00

✶ ⊰ ☼ ⊱ ✶

5-10 Cards: $10.00

I am also giving out a free reading to first timers. I would love to gain your trust and vice versa. It’s a learning experience for both of us if there is no trust why bother? And what I mean by that, is basically I’m learning about you and a problem which will help me get better with some things. Where as you learn the answer to your curious mind. Maybe more? The only one who would know is you.